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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide parents with peace of mind by helping them ensure a safe, clean and well-maintained mode of transportation for their children. Our cleaning products are non-toxic & baby safe and our steam cleaning process and maintenance procedures do not impact the integrity of your Baby Gear.

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Retail & Private Events

Our mobile cleaning team does public events at retail stores, play gyms, shopping centres, festivals and trade shows. We also do private events at preschools, day care centres, office buildings and for mommy groups. Check our Events schedule to find us at an event near you or Contact page to schedule your own event with us.

Retail & Private Events


Baby Gear can be dropped off and picked up at our Home Office located in Milton by appointment only. Please see our Contact page to schedule a drop-off.

Drop-Off Location

Pick-Up & Delivery

For an additional fee we offer a Pick-Up & Delivery service to a location of your choice. We will be glad to come to your house, office, play date or any of your private events, whichever is most conventient for you. Our service area includes the Halton Region and Greater Toronto Area.

Pick-Up & Delivery Service Area

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Melissa & CamdenMelissa Box was a Senior Corporate Account Manager at an agency specializing in event planning who after becoming pregnant with her son Camden decided to work part time at Snuggle Bugz in order to learn more about all the latest trends in Baby Gear. While working there she fell in love with the industry as a whole and in particular with child safety and education.

After learning all she could about car seat safety from working at Snuggle Bugz, by reading Car Seat manuals and watching instructional videos online she was still unsure of if she had installed her Car Seat correctly. When talking to her friends, who were also mothers, they were just as unsure as she was and they could not find anyone in their area that was certified to help them. So Melissa decided to become a CPSAC Certified Car Seat Technician herself so she could properly install car seats and help her friends and other families in her area feel confident that their little ones were riding safely and securely in their vehicles.

Melissa came up with the original idea for Li’l Squirts while working at Snuggle Bugz and having to comfort several mothers who were very upset after trying to wash their car seat covers, shrinking them and then having no idea how to put them back on the frame. When Camden turned 18 months old Melissa realized she was in the same predicament when she noticed how dirty her son's car seat had become. After searching for car seat cleaning companies to do it for her she was shocked to find that there were none in Canada that were reputable and used non-toxic, baby safe cleaning products so she decided to make Li'l Squirts a reality by combining all of her skills and knowledge on the baby gear industry, marketing and event planning.

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CPSAC certified memberThe Child Passenger Safety Association of Canada is a national, not-for-profit corporation. Its members promote child passenger safety through public education, advocacy and training in children's restraint systems.

They are an organization of Canadian specialists who have come together to create a cohesive national program dedicated to the safety of children and youth while traveling in motor vehicles.